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Manage Your Wish Lists

It's easy to manage your Wish Lists through your Forzieri account, at any time. The Wish List Management Panels allow you to update your Wish List settings, products and shipping address as well as creating new Wish Lists or sharing them with your friends. Read below for more details. Simply click My Account on top of this page to access your account.

What is a Wish List?

Wish List is a feature that allows you to keep track of items you really want. Your Wish List is searchable so that other people can find it and know just what to get you for that special occasion. They can buy the items you chose, have them shipped to you and your Wish List will automatically update. You can create as many Wish Lists as you like for any occasion: Wedding, Holidays, Birthday, Anniversary and more. Wish list is also a terrific way to keep a record of products you may want to buy at a later time. You can access your Wish List any time by clicking Wish List on top of this page (Your must be logged in to access all your Wish List information). Start your Wish List

How to Create Your Wish List

1. Browse any area of the Forzieri catalogue
2. Click the Add to Wish List button next to each item you like. Is that simple!
If you're not registered yet, you will be asked to by the time you add your first product to your Wish List. You can edit you list any time by clicking on Wish List on top of any Forzieri.com page. When you decide to make your Wish List searchable by others, you can add the shipping address where gifts should go to as well as specify the type of list you are creating (maybe for a Birthday, Wedding, Graduation or other) plus your month and day of your birthday. Start your Wish List

What parts of my Wish List information will viewed by others?

No one will be able to search for your Wish List unless you decide to through your wish list settings panel. Most customers keep their Wish Lists searchable so that friends and family can find them. To help them identify your list, as there may be many people around the world sharing your exact name, Forzieri will display your Name (the one used to register on Forzieri), City, State/Country and -optional- Birthday (only day and month is displayed) plus unique facts you can type at your choice.We won't, however, show your phone number, email or street address to others. Your Privacy is Guaranteed - Learn more.

How to Create Multiple Wish Lists

You can create as many Wish Lists as you like by clicking on Create New Wish List on top of your main Wish List. You will then be able to browse from one list to another by using the drop-down menu located on the top right of your page. Important: To decide which of your Wish Lists you'd like to add products to, select "Make this my default wish list" in your wish list settings.

How will my Friends and Family know I created my Wish List?

You can invite your Friends and Family to view your list by clicking on "Share Your Wish List" on the top left of your Wish List page.


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Closing days

Offices will be closed on April 25th, May 1st, June 2nd, June 24th, August 15th, December 25th & 26th, January 1st, January 6th.

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Registrarse para noticias y especiales sólo para miembros

Obtener que el regalo que sea perfumado con una fragancia natural de las propuestas en la selección Forzieri

Obtener que la tarjeta de felicitación sea perfumado con una fragancia firmado entre las propuestas en la selección Forzieri

No se aplicarán en costes adicionales en cambios en tallas descontadas que están en stock. En caso de cambios entre tallas descontadas y tallas sin descuento que no estén en stock/compra sobre pedido, aplicaremos la diferencia de precio. Ver disponibilidad de tallas para más detalles.

Política especial de devoluciones de Navidad

Los pedidos realizados entre el 1 de Noviembre y el 14 de Diciembre están sujetos a la garantía de devolución para el periodo Navideño, bajo las mismas condiciones de nuestra política estándar, si la autorización para devolver se pide dentro del 28 de Diciembre. Los pedidos realizados después del 14 de Diciembre seguirán beneficiando de la garantía estándar. Seleccionar la Garantía de Devolución Especial al checkout.

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(Italy excepted)

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Entrega Ordinaria Premium Gratuita para pedidos superiores a € 195

Entrega Urgente Gratuita para pedidos superiores a € 250

*solamente la España Peninsular

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